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How install MacPorts and lunche ” port ” package manager

Written by vaheeD on January 12, 2013
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STEP1 : X11 ( XQuartz )

Download and install XQuartz, Please click this link: XQuartz Download

About XQuartz :

A version of the X.Org X Window System that runs on OS X

XQuartz Website


Please open the apple store then search and install XCode.

The easiest way to install XCode, Please click this link: XCode apple store link ( XCode is FREE :D )

About XCode :

Xcode is the complete toolset for building OS X and iOS applications — and with Xcode 4, the tools have been redesigned to be faster, easier to use, and more helpful than ever before. The Xcode IDE understands your project’s every detail, identifies mistakes in both syntax and logic, and will even fix your code for you. Quite simply, Xcode 4 will help you write better code.

STEP2 : MacPorts

Please Download and install MacPorts.
The easiest way to install MacPorts on a Mac OS X system is by downloading the dmg for Mountain LionLionSnow Leopard orLeopard and running the system’s Installer by double-clicking on the pkg contained therein, following the on-screen instructions until completion.

STEP3 : Update MacPorts Repository

sudo port -v selfupdate
sudo port sync


STEP4 : Install all you neeD !!!

sudo port install “Package name”

For Example :

sudo port install htop


Tips for using port

sudo port list
sudo port search nmap
sudo port install nmap
sudo port upgrade nmap
sudo port dependents nmap
sudo port upgrade outdated
5.00 avg. rating (94% score) - 1 vote

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